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What is Identity Monitoring?

ID Watchdog Platinum monitoring scans thousands of databases for new or changed records that include your personal or financial data.

Personal data includes, but is not limited to, any combination of:

  • » First and Last Name
  • » Date of Birth
  • » Social Security Number
  • » Financial and Credit Information
  • » Physical Address

When you sign up for the service, you will go through a brief registration process where you will:

  • » Provide your identifying information
  • » Verify your identity
  • » Establish a baseline identity profile

Once your identity profile is generated, ID Watchdog will begin regularly monitoring a vast array of public and private databases searching for new and updated instances of your personal information.

Next Step: Detection

Detecting Identity Theft

ID Watchdog will alert you as soon as any new or changed records containing your personal information are detected during our routine scans.

When you receive an alert, you will be directed into your ID Watchdog account where you will be asked to:

  • » Verify the authenticity of any detected records, OR;
  • » Report the record as unrecognized

Any record that is unfamiliar to you is a red-flag warning that your identity may have been compromised.

Once you report a record as unrecognized or unfamiliar, ID Watchdog will initiate the resolution process.

Next Step: Resolution

Identity Theft Resolution

In the event that you are presented with a record that is unfamiliar or unrecognized, (for example, an a address for a home you've never lived in or a new credit account you never opened) there is a strong possibility that your identity has been compromised.

Even records which appear to be simple data processing errors need to be addressed in order to prevent an incorrect and potentially damaging evaluation of your credit or personal profile by lenders, creditors, auditors and employers.

ID Watchdog is the only Identity Intelligence Service that employs a team of certified Identity Resolution Experts who will work with you and on your behalf to get any fraudulent information removed from your records.

100% Guaranteed.

ID Watchdog Platinum

What’s Included …

»All 3 Credit Reports & Credit Scores
»Tri-Bureau Credit Monitoring
»Public Records Monitoring
»Cyber Monitoring
»Non-Credit Loan Monitoring
»100% Resolution Guaranteed*
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About ID Watchdog

In 2004, the founders of ID Watchdog, a group of seasoned credit professionals, recognized the growing crime of identity theft and sought out to provide un-matched protection services to consumers.

By enlisting experts on all facets of identity theft, including law enforcement authorities, judicial representatives, consumer privacy advocates and banking and credit experts, ID Watchdog created the most powerful, pro-consumer identity theft protection service possible.

ID Watchdog is committed to providing the most comprehensive service on the market. Using patent-pending monitoring technology and providing our unique resolution guarantee, ID Watchdog customers can rest assured that their identities are safe.

Recently recognized by the Consumer Federation of America as one of the most valuable identity theft protection services available, ID Watchdog is company consumers can trust to keep their entire identities safe.

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